Singer-songwriter, surfer, world traveler, photographer, jeweler, brand ambassador and lifestyle blogger from Cocoa Beach, Florida, Siren Williams brings a fresh, new vibe to the table with acoustic tunes that reflect her adventurous lifestyle. Born in Florida and raised living the state parks, Siren is an environmental and wildlife conservation enthusiast and strives to enlighten listeners of a more pure and organic way of living.

It’s not unusual to find Williams on street corners of various countries playing her original songs while bystanders toss change into her captains hat. With a history of traveling the globe to teach surf lessons, take photos, and to crew on a variety of boats, Siren Williams has now devoted herself to creating music and writing her story. First known as a competitive surfer, she has now touched fans from around the world with her musical talent. 

Siren is now on her way to releasing her latest collection of songs, ‘Turquoise’, alongside ‘Love Life’, a book series of her travels, music, surfing, love life and adventures, both before and with her husband, professional surfer, musician and artist, Brandon Russell. 



Follow Siren and Brandon as they travel the world surfing, recording music, teaching surf lessons, taking photos, shaping surfboards, competing, judging surf contests, doing artwork and making ends meet with their less than shoestring budget. The plan is to “Follow their inner compass”, as Pandeia would have them do, following only their hearts. Now doesn’t that sound interesting? Follow Siren on Facebook to get updates on “THE LOG” blog.